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To advance research on cerebral palsy

To advance research on cerebral palsy and improve the lives of those affected

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The missions of the Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale

Created in 2005 by parents' associations and healthcare professionals, the Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale aims to promote and support research into cerebral palsy and related conditions and work to improve the quality of care and support as well as the dissimination of best practice and knowledge.

Each year, the Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale issues calls for research projects and awards grants for the most promising work. These calls for projects are supervised by its Scientific Advisory Board, made up of independent, internationally-recognized personalities.

The Foundation is recognised under French law as a public benefit organisation since 2006.

calls for projects since 2006
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Des projets financés grâce à vous

The most common physical disability in childhood

Cerebral palsy

This disability is the result of irreversible lesions on the brain of the fetus or infant, due to the destruction of certain developing brain cells, that we do not know how to repair.

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Our research programs

Europe-wide projects

Since 2018, the Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale has devoted massive, unprecedented support to cerebral palsy research by funding large-scale European projects.

CAP’ 2019 – 2023

Intensive playful rehabilitation program for young children, for greater independence

ENSEMBLE 2022 – 2027

Cerebral palsy early diagnosis program, for early treatment


People who live with cerebral palsy, parents, researchers, doctors, donators... all speak up on the importance of supporting research.

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C’est grâce à leur précieux soutien que nous avons pu concrétiser de nombreux projets dans le domaine de la recherche sur la paralysie cérébrale.

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Unique fondation de recherche dédiée à la paralysie cérébrale en France

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