The organisational structure of La Fondation Paralyse Cérébrale links the expertise of the members of its Board of Directors and Scientific Council with the activities of the “Friends” of La Fondation Paralyse Cérébrale.

Board of Directors


Comprising internally appointed directors the Board decides upon scientific policy, after advice from the Scientific Council, and is responsible for overall control, finance and resources.
  • President : Dr Alain Chatelin, Head of a consulting firm
  • Vice-President : Nicole Hébert, Communication consultant
  • Treasurer: Pierre-Elie Carnot, Representative of PasseR’aile, retired Wealth manager  
  • Secretary General : Jacky Vagnoni, President of Paralysie Cérébrale France
  • Vidal Benchimol, Contracting authority, Housing real estate developer
  • Daniel Chastenet de Géry, Representrative of the AFOM (Association des Amis de la Fondation Motrice), General Partner at Be The 1 (Consulting firm)
  • Philippe de Saint-Martin, President of Cogefi Gestion
  • Pr Marc Tardieu, Representative of the SESEP, pediatric neurologist (Head of the neuropediatrics department at Bicêtre hospital until 2016)
  • Michel Hossenlopp, Representative of the AFOM (Association des Amis de la Fondation Motrice), Global ACD DEI Director at l'Oréal Active Cosmetique Division
  • Véronique Molinaro: Representative of Envoludia 
  • Jacques-Joseph Orvoen, former Secretary General – French office of the Boston Consulting Group
  • Government commissioner of the Ministery of the Interior : Laurence Bouquet


Scientific Council

Comprising international members selected for their scientific achievements in the field of CP research or connected domains, the Scientific Council provides advice on the Foundation’s strategic direction and research projects.


Scientific Council members:

  • President : Pr Bernard Dan

Pediatric neurology, Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola, Brussels (Belgium)

  • Dr Stéphane Armand

Orthopedic and trauma surgery. University Hospitals, Geneva (Switzerland)

Biomechanics specialist

  • Ms Gaëlle Drewnowski

Representative of the concerned people

Expert Patient, Lyon (France)

  • Ms Audrey Fontaine

Physiotherapist, Paris (France)

  • Dr Javier de la Cruz

Épidémiology. Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid (Spain)

Former coordinator of the Sparcle registers’ network

  • Mr Jean-Luc Graindorge

Representative of the families

Governor of Paralysie Cérébrale France. Saint Brieuc (France)

  • Pr Patricia Limousin

Neurology. University College London (UK)

Specialist of deep cerebral stimulation

  • Pr Anita Truttmann

Biology, neonatalogy. CHUV of Lausanne (Switzerland)

  • Dr Carole Vuillerot

Paediatric physical and rehabilitation medecine, L’Escale, Lyon (France)



Our Sponsor

Since the beginning in 2006, Andrea Casiraghi has been the “Parrain” (sponsor) of la Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale.

The eldest son of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover (born Princess of Monaco) has been made aware of cerebral palsy thanks to one of his friends he met during his studies

He uses his fame and contacts in France and worldwide for la Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale.

“Giving to la Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale means giving the researchers the means to continue their work, and to finance new research projects to improve the living conditions of those with cerebral palsy, and to reduce the risks for the new borns. Like me, support la Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale!” Andrea Casiraghi

The Team

Based in Paris, la Fondation Paralysie Cérébrale operates with a small team of volunteers and employees.

  • Managing Director: Clara Sitruk
  • Scientific Director:  Dr Nathalie Genes (Volunteer)
  • Communication Officer: Mélanie Bonnet
  • Administration: Marie Perin (Volunteer)
  • Project Manager – National Action Strategy: Geneviève Geyer (Volunteer)

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Our labels

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IDEAS Label testifies of the Good Practices of a nonprofit organization in three fields : the governance, the financial management and the action’s effectiveness.