Livre de la prospective.

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Cahiers de la Recherche


LETTER 28: 15 years of research on cerebral palsy, PART2

LETTER 26: Cerebral palsy and physical activity

LETTER 24: ESPaCe study on motor rehabilitation

LETTER 222017: A turning point for research

LETTER 20What expectations and what motor rehabilitation priorities for persons with Cerebral Palsy ?

LETTER 18: 2005-2015: 10 Years of Progress

LETTER 16Orthopaedic complication

LETTER 14Research on pain

LETTER 12 PART 1 - PART 2: PACE Program

LETTER 10: Observatory on pain

LETTER 8The invisible handicap

LETTER 6Reach realistic dreams

LETTER 4: Children's rehabilitation

LETTER 2: Epidemiology studies



LETTER 31: The ENSEMBLE Project: Earlier detection for earlier intervention

LETTER 29: The white paper on Cerebral Palsy

LETTER 27: 15 years of research on cerebral palsy, PART1

LETTER 25The Rehabilitation Charter

LETTER 23: Intensive and play-based rehabilitation for toddlers


LETTER 21Eight projects to make research progress

LETTER 19A research lead for prevention: Omega-3 Supplementation

LETTER 17What role for the scientific council?

LETTER 15Movement disorders

LETTER 13Sport and Cerebral Palsy

LETTER 11: Anniversary issue

LETTER 09: Walking

LETTER 07: Pain

LETTER 05: Prevent and protect

LETTER 03: Medication


Livre de la prospective

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